Arata Amemiya is a Postdoctoral researcher at RIKEN center for computational science, Kobe, Japan. He is mainly involved with the development of precipitation forecasting system using a convective scale numerical weather prediction model and high resolution remote sensing observation. His research interests include weather and climate dynamics, atmospheric modeling, and theories and application of data assimilation.


2022.1.14[ISDA online event "Data Assimilation Infrastructure - Software, Frameworks, HPC"](
2022.2.7[The 4th R-CCS International Symposium](

Recent updates

2020.10.8A first-author paper was accepted by Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.(Amemiya and Sato, 2020)
2020.5.19A first-author open discussion paper about the study I did in the graduate school was published on Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.
2019.12.18A first-author paper was published on Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere(SOLA).(Amemiya et al., 2020)