AOSC494 (Fall 2012)

AOSC494: Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Seminar

Enrollment Requirement

AOSC431 and AOSC432 with grade of C or higher are prerequisites.

Course Description

The weekly seminars on atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences provide opportunities to be exposed to a wide range of contemporary topics in atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences for development of research interests and promotion of critical thinking. The Meet-the-Speaker session after each seminar fosters effective interaction and collaboration with leading scientists and fellow students.

Weekly Seminar Schedule

The AOSC Department Seminar is held every Thursday. Seminar information is available from AOSC Seminar Series.

Time and location

  • Th 3:00pm-3:30pm, CSS 2400 (Atrium), Pre-seminar refreshment
  • Th 3:30pm-4:30pm, CSS 2400 (Auditorium), Seminar
  • Th 4:45pm-5:15pm, CSS 3400 (Library), Meet-the-Speaker session


1. Weekly seminar report

Due in 2 days after each seminar through the web-based form. For medically necessitated and other excused absences, it is student's responsibility to follow appropriate procedure so as not to negatively impact on grading. A make-up may be assigned for a missing seminar.

On the web-based form

The web-based form is available for submission only within 2 days after the seminar. Upon successful submission, you will find your name near the bottom of the webpage. Failure to submit the web-based form in a timely manner results zero point for the corresponding date. It is student's responsibility to submit the web-based form properly, except for obvious situations such as AOSC web-server outages for a significant period (more than 24 hours). Although no seminar is held on Tuesday, August 28, 2012, this date is available to try out the web-based form. Any questions and comments on the web-based system must be addressed to the instructor by Friday, August 31, 2012. If you submit the report more than once, only the newest submission is used for grading.

2. Term report (max 2 pages)

Due on Thursday, December 6, 2012 via email. The term project aims to enhance your understanding of a selected seminar of your interest. Choose one of the seminars during the entire semester and conduct in-depth research on the work (reading at least 1 related paper). Term report (max 2 pages) should contain a concise summary of the work with a list of references that you actually read, and descriptions on why you are particularly interested in this seminar and what you have learned. Grading is based on the overall quality of the report. Term report exceeding 2 pages is graded only up to the first 2 pages. The title page and reference list (if any) are excluded from the page limit.

Instruction for the email submission

Term report in either pdf or Microsoft Word doc(x) format must be submitted by email with the subject line "AOSC494 Report". The instructor will acknowledge the receipt. It is student's responsibility to confirm the successful submission. Failure to submit by the due date results zero point for term report.

3. Additional assignments

may be requested by the speaker for some seminars.

4. Exception for irregularly scheduled seminars

Some seminars may be scheduled irregularly not on Thursday or at different time on Thursday. Participation to such irregularly scheduled seminars is strongly encouraged but not required. Weekly seminar report is not required or accepted. However, you can choose these seminars for the term report.

Honor Code

Students must abide by the University of Maryland Code of Academic Integrity. Here is the link to the Student Honor Council.


Grading is based on the weekly report (80%) and the term report (20%). Late submission of the reports results zero grading point for the corresponding part.

Grading criteria:
A+: 95.00% -- 100.00%
A : 85.00% --  94.99%
A-: 80:00% --  84.99%
B+: 77.50% --  79.99%
B : 72.50% --  77.49%
B-: 70.00% --  72.49%
C+: 67.50% --  69.99%
C : 62.50% --  67.49%
C-: 60.00% --  62.49%
D+: 57.50% --  59.99%
D : 52.50% --  57.49%
D-: 50.00% --  52.49%
F :  0.00% --  49.99%