• Setup the passphrase authentication
    1. generate a DSA key
      $ssh-keygen -t dsa
    2. put the public key in authorized keys in the remote host
      $scp ~/.ssh/
      $mkdir .ssh
      $chmod 700 .ssh
      $cd .ssh
      $touch authorized_keys2
      $chmod 600 authorized_keys2
      $cat ~/ >> authorized_keys2
      $rm ~/
    3. in the AOSC department servers, follow below instead of the previous step
      $cd .ssh
      $cat >> authorized_keys2
      $chmod 600 authorized_keys2

Adobe Acrobat 9

  • Change the author name of commenting
    1. From the top menu, choose "Edit > Preferences > Commenting", and uncheck "Always use Log-in Name for Author name"
    2. Make a comment
    3. In the comment box, choose "Options > Properties > General > Author", and input the Author name
    4. Check "Make Propoeries Default", and click "OK"


  • Change the home directory

AOSC/UMD shell environment settings

  • An example of .bashrc
    #for PGI FORTRAN
    export PATH=/usr/local/$PGI_ROOT/linux86-64/$PGI_SUBDIR/bin:$PATH
    export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/local/$PGI_ROOT/linux86-64/$PGI_SUBDIR/man
    export PGI=/usr/local/$PGI_ROOT
    export LM_LICENSE_FILE=$PGI/license.dat
    #for netCDF
    export PATH=/usr/local/netcdf/bin:$PATH
    #for MPI
    export PATH=/usr/local/mpich2/bin:$PATH
    export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/local/mpich2/man

Hash Generators

md5 SHA-1